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A contest for real men and really butch women.

To have your own pub pentathalon, you will need a pub well stocked with pub games. Usually it is necessary to use two or three venues, as pubs don't tend to carry all five required events.

Usually the pub pentathalon is a two person event, although rules can be modified to allow up to 15 people to play. It just takes all weekend.

To be strictly fair, competitors must stick to similar levels of alcohol consumption throughout. If your drinking buddy happens to be teetotal, then its your own fault for making friends with him in the first place.


  • Darts - Play a best of 3 game starting at 501. Winner scores 10 points, loser gets 2. If more people are playing, add more points rankings as necessary. Girls tend to struggle at this event, due to the fact that they throw like girls.
  • Pool - Best of 3 game of 8 ball. Again, winner gets 10 points, loser gets 2.
  • Snooker - Keep this to a best of one frame affair as, unless your drinking buddy is Ronnie O'Sullivan, it is likely to take you forever. Winner gets 5 points, loser gets 1 point.
  • Quizzie - Each contestant places £2 in the machine. They are on their own. 5 points for each quid won.
  • Billiards - Best of 3 game of bar billiards. Winner 5, loser 2.
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