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The Metropolitan Line. Gash.
The Metropolitan Line. Gash.

The Metropolitan Line is an anomaly. It extends beyond the standard zone numbering system of 1-6, and starts using letters. This is because the Metropolitan Line takes you half way to Cornwall (via Harrow).

The Metropolitan Line's carriages have a bizarre layout of seats, rather like a bus.

Because people only use the Metropolitan Line if they are going on their summer holidays, it is liable to infestation with tramps, and therefore has an ECUC of 100%.


Friki Update

Once the Metropolitan Line leaves Central London, it ecomes little more than a shuttle service ferrying rich people trhough vast swathes of middle England. Hence most of the stops are serviced by little more than a massive housing estate. Rich people don't need pubs, it would seem. Be warned: A trip to Zone D is not for the faint hearted. Friki does these things so you don't have to.

Stations on the Metropolitan Line

Main Bit

From here, the Metropolitan line goes seven shades of mental.

Uxbridge branch

Northwood branch

This branch then bezzes up.

Watford twig

Amersham/Chesham twig

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