King's Cross St. Pancras

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King's Cross St. Pancras station.

King's Cross St. Pancras

Frikipedia Rating:

Three Celtic Cross(es)

Nearby Pub:

The Euston Flyer


Station on the Victoria Line, Northern Line, Circle Line and a load others. Also a massive great big fuck off railway station.

King's Cross St. Pancras used to be classified as two separate stations, which would make sense as you have to walk for ten minutes to get between them. The station(s) is/are currently undergoing massive redevelopment to link them together properly. Friki suggests separating the names again would have been cheaper.

Things to do near King's Cross St. Pancras

The station itself offers magnificent espresso, served by a fine array of Geoffskis, and a man called Revolver McTwist.

Friki was too busy to look for a pub, but doubtless will find one eventually.

Indeed it found many. Take your pick from:

Friki Verdict

Friki gives 3 Celtic Crosses out of 5 to King's Cross St. Pancras. If only because it offers an exit point from London.

Circle Line

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Hammersmith and City Line

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Victoria Line

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Next: Highbury & Islington

Metropolitan Line

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Northern Line

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Piccadilly Line

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