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Prominent business school in South Kensington, London. Apparently it used to do science, technology and medicine as well but nobody bothers much with that sort of thing any more.

Imperial College is a magnificent institution, run by a small perma-tanned businessman who used to be in charge of GlaxoSmithKlineBeechamEssoMcDonaldsTescoBechtelESystemsCola, or some other evil multinational. His most notable contribution has been to replace many of the campus' buildings with greenhouses, making Imperial one of the world's most competitive universities. He has been known to forget about the existence of students from time to time, however.

Contrary to their reputation for geekiness and unnatural hyper-intelligence, many Imperial students had in fact previously left their parents' basements before starting at the College. While it is true that Imperial's GTF ratio remains depressingly high, Frikipedia can report after years of research that there are hidden gems to be found. Or should that be Geoffs? And Imperial College Union remains the best place in London to enjoy a conversation about physics over a pint or two of smooth, satisfying ale. And they have a dartboard.

Imperial College hails among its alumni..... erm..... some very renowned scientists. And Brian May! And, shortly, the inventors of interesting rice.

The woeful lack of catering facilities on Imperial's South Kensington campus forces students to make regular pilgrimages to the nearby Sandwich Shop, particularly during the exam period.

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