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An attractive lady has just walked past. Useful code when talking to a work colleague.

The Geoff Clock System

A supplementary time can be added to describe the exact location of said Geoff.


  • "Geoff's in his office for the 12 o'clock"
  • "Geoff'll be in his office at 10 o'clock"

Note : As with fighter pilots, the Geoff clock system only utilises whole hours. Attempts to make the direction more precise by saying "Geoff at three twenty-five" will confuse and disorientate your colleague, and probably lead to said Geoff realising what you were doing and filing a sexual discrimination lawsuit.

The Geoff Clock System makes most sense in the context of swivel chairs.


  • Geoff is a director at a multinational.
  • CEMS (pronounced 'sems') is an acronym.
  • "Geoff's in his office with CEMS" was misheard as "Geoff's in his office with a semi".

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