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A pox on both of's houses.
A pox on both of's houses.


Almost famous alternative to Virgin Megastores and HMV when it came to buying CDs on the high street as opposed to shopping online. There was a Fopp in Nottingham, and numerous dotted around London, one on Charing Cross Road, and another near Goodge Street.

Was Friki's favourite due to the fact that it was the only "chain" store of music retailers that was actually as cheap (if not cheaper) than buying online.

The Glory Days

Fopp was perfect for shopping for stuff six months after it charted, which Friki tends to do for most albums as it allows time to judge the actual quality of a piece rather than getting sucked in by launch hype.

Almost everything non-chart in Fopp was usually either £10, £8, £5, or sometimes deliciously £3.

Every time Friki has shopped at Fopp, it has gone in wanting just one thing, and ended up spending about £100 on an entire bag full of cut price "maybe I'll like that?" stuff.

The Demise

Sadly, on 29th June 2007, Fopp closed all of it's stores across the UK, in another victory for lazy internet shoppers, and another terrible loss for the kind of people that still enjoy the thrill of hunting around through shelves and shelves of CDs in order to find that one (or ten) hidden gem(s). Typing the name of the artist into the search facility on doesn't have the same pleasure to it.

Indeed, the best analogy Friki has heard to explain why it loves physically buying CDs, as opposed to ordering online or just downloading the shebang illegally, is comparing online shopping to strumming a tune out of the banjo over a porn mag. You get the same satisfactory end result, but in a purely mechanical and soulless manner.

RIP Fopp.

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