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The predominantly-green District Line is a slow and inefficient way of travelling through Central London by the tube. It is also made entirely out of wood.

Achieves a worrying ECUC of 70%.

The District Line is one of the oldest tube lines on the whole network, having opened back in 1868 as a means for Queen Victoria to travel to Dagenham. It was then closed in 1869 after Queen Victoria actually visited Dagenham and realised the horrific error she had made.

Alas, Pandora's box was open, and the District line was then reopened to allow safe passage to and from Dagenham for the rest of time. Though there is no concept of safe passage once you are actually in Dagenham.

In keeping with this ancient history of the line, the trains on the District Line were last upgraded in 1895.

Frikipedia recently had to travel 21 stops on the District Line in one go. It fell asleep around stop 2 and woke up at stop 23.

Friki isn't looking forward to this one at all. At all.
Friki isn't looking forward to this one at all. At all.



Bear with Friki here, this could take some time...

Main Bit

Richmond branch

Ealing branch

Main Line

Wimbledon-Edgware Road bit

Friki isn't sure if this is technically separate, but meh.

Wimbledon branch

Kensington (Olympia) branch

Edgware Road branch

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