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Baker Street station.

Baker Street

Frikipedia Rating:

Four and a half Celtic Cross(es)

Nearby Pub:

The Angel in the Fields



London Underground station. Baker Street is on the Bakerloo Line, the Metropolitan Line, the Hammersmith and City Line, the Circle Line and the Jubilee Line. And is as smug as a building can be about it.

Things to do near Baker Street

On the tourist trail, Baker Street is the famous home of Sherlock Holmes, Dangermouse and Gerry Rafferty. But not Bob Holness.

Baker Street hosts an excellent Wetherspoons, which sells meaty burgers and, gloriously, has Früli on tap(!) for the mere cost of £3.70 a pint.

The quizzie will freeze as soon as you get near to winning money, eliciting the angered cry of I had 15 seconds in the Dome, damn you!.

It is also possible to play an amazing golf arcade game, where Frikipedia was able to fulfil its childhood fantasy and "become" Colin Montgomerie.

In the unlikely event that you tire of these undoubted pleasures, why not move down the road to The Angel in the Fields? Which is not only better, but also is vitally not a Wetherspoons.

Friki Fact

Frikipedia once left an almost-full packet of malted milk biscuits on the Metropolitan Line platform at Baker Street station, purchased in a drunken effort to garner some manner of stomach lining to stave off a midweek hangover, and then hastily discarded when a) Friki decided it would rather wait to get home and order a kebab, and b) it dawned on Friki that you get quite a lot of stares when you stand, gently swaying on a train platform, occasionally reaching into your coat pocket and producing a biscuit.

Friki returned to Baker Street station recently, and was disappointed to find that the biscuits were no longer there.

Friki Verdict

Four and a half Celtic Crosses for Straker Beet.

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